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Hubbub / Re: TOOBE 2019
« Last post by Cameleon on Today at 10:46 »
Fantastic!  Welcome to an out of body experience.
Could it be that we have a potential Duelling Autoharps!
Hubbub / Re: The Mixtie-Maxtie Club Revue
« Last post by ravedamage on Today at 08:43 »
Cheers for the reveal Mark.

I'll definitely be picking up that Carol Cool track at some point, there's a decent looking Reggae Disco 3LP comp of covers for cheap on Soul!
Hubbub / Re: TOOBE 2019
« Last post by Daydream Daisy on Today at 00:41 »
I'd definitely be interested in contributing some of my songs, guitars, vocals, keys and another autoharp to this project!  Great idea about donating proceeds from the album to charity.   :D
Hubbub / Re: What are you reading ?
« Last post by Congo Bongo on Sat, Feb 16, 2019, 16:04 PM »
Just finished reading Musical Truth (Volume 2) by Mark Devlin. Great insights into the origins and development of Electronic Dance Music, Punk, Hip-Hop etc. 
Hubbub / Re: Samplers
« Last post by ravedamage on Sat, Feb 16, 2019, 00:41 AM »
Norman sampler has a wee special glow for me but johns abc is just amazing. I have no clue who does what on that record and that's the way I like it. Was there not talk about this being a vinyl release once upon a time?

God, aye...was just listening to ABC the other morning...literally nae idea what is going on and a' the better for it. Sign me up for the wax.
Hubbub / Re: What are you reading ?
« Last post by arab on Fri, Feb 15, 2019, 22:16 PM »
I just got Hadley Lee Lightcap by Sam Sweet which is the acetone story. Cannot wait to get into that properly.
Hubbub / Re: Samplers
« Last post by arab on Fri, Feb 15, 2019, 22:13 PM »
Norman sampler has a wee special glow for me but johns abc is just amazing. I have no clue who does what on that record and that's the way I like it. Was there not talk about this being a vinyl release once upon a time?
Hubbub / Re: 46-30
« Last post by arab on Fri, Feb 15, 2019, 22:10 PM »
I agree wholeheartedly with Stephen.  :-)

Makes the Glasgow Dundee road fair fly by!
Hubbub / Re: 46-30
« Last post by Captain Geeko on Fri, Feb 15, 2019, 20:50 PM »
shameless plug ::)
Hubbub / Re: TOOBE 2019
« Last post by Cameleon on Fri, Feb 15, 2019, 15:51 PM »
More info about TOOBE as requested.

TOOBE 2019 Q & A

1.   What is TOOBE?  TOOBE is a virtual band formed by members of the AETC Hub.  We're looking for electronics, guitars, voices, keys, drums or whatever contribution you might like to make.  Each band member records a solo original track or stem on their instrument of choice and then sends it (with a working title) on to the next member on the list who adds their own contribution before passing it on again.  This includes any singers/vocalists amongst you.  Once the track has returned to itís originator it is complete.  A bit like Chinese Whispers.

2.   What does TOOBE stand for?  The Out Of Body Experience due to the idea that the band exists outside of each individual member. When we first launched four years ago it was an exclusive title worldwide.  However, since then a band with an identical name has been formed in Portland.  We arenít expecting any clash however.  We could always rename ourselves The Oot Of Body Experience!

3.   What is a stem?  A stem is generally a post production recording of a voice or instrument engineered in a final version ready to be mixed with other stems to create the final track.  Itís become the standard method used in most recording studios but donít worry about it if you donít have the tools to hand to add effects or polish your contribution after recording.  We want to keep the project as simple as possible.

4.   In what format should I record my contribution?  If you can submit your tracks as Wav files then best quality would be maintained but mp3 is such a popular file type, that is fine too.  Some of us can also handle other files like FLAC or Ogg Vorbis but once again.  Letís keep things simple if we can.
5.   How should I submit my contribution to the next band member?  Probably best agreed with your next contact when you start but if itís an mp3 then direct email should work well.  Alternatively we have created a TOOBE email address of and a Soundcloud account for The Out Of Body Experience.

6.   What if I have recorded my contribution to a track but donít have the gear to mix it with the other instruments?  Donít worry.  Email your contribution and the track youíve received separately to and one of us will do the mix for you.

7.   How can I keep time with the other musicians?  Most studios use a click track like a metronome which doesnít appear on the final track but helps musicians at different sessions keep in time with each other.  If you know your BPM (Beats per minute) for your recording then let your next recipient know what it is.  If you would like a click track sent to help you then send an email to with your preferred beat and weíll email one back.

8.   Can I record something that Iíve heard done by someone else?  No.  We donít want to breach copyright or offend any other musicians so please record something original.

9.   What if I donít think I will have the time to add something to every track I receive?  Obviously we are hoping that you can but if not, just pass it on to the next on the list.  We are also asking for guest contributors who may only be able to join in with one or two tracks or who might only be able to submit a short riff or melody rather than a full length idea.  Any members who have studio capabilities can mix your idea in another track so any contributions are welcome.  If you just want to be a guest them email TOOBE with a recording of your idea.

10.   What if I donít play an instrument but would still like to take part?  We are also hoping that any lyricists or poets amongst you might like to send in your words so we can weave them in.  If you can email a recording of you singing them then even better.  Also, once the project is completed we would like any artists to join and create some original art work to accompany the tracks.

11.   What will happen to the project once completed?  This will be a band decision but one thought is that each band member will be asked to nominate a preferred charity.  Once the project is finished the complete album can be made available for free download provided a suitable donation is pledged to one of the charities listed.

If there is anything else you arenít sure about then please email or PM your questions and weíll do our best to answer them.
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