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Hubbub / Re: The 6th Rule of Mix Club ...
« Last post by FilthySwan on Today at 00:02 »
I won (not entirely sure how) & Mrs Czefski is going to get it when she gets home. Huzzah!
Hi Seldomlight hope you got back safe and sound.  Concert 17 was busy and we also had Gordon on the double bass so it was a five piece and what a treat it was.  What great value for money these concerts are.  Good to see Cat with her wee dog Boston up from London and glad she found him after his runabout in St Andrews.   A few extra songs at the end included Largs and Shake It which had a few of us up dancing.  Mulled wine and mince pies at the break followed by a celebration chocolate passed around in a bowl (health and safety).  Tomorrow stovies is included in the price!
It just gets better and better!
Hey Lavinia (and others!), it was a great weekend with some fabulous memories. Lovely to see familiar faces again.

#15 was a cherry brandy fuelled bombastic set finished in some style with a phenomenal Taylor Swift cover. I genuinely didn't expect to be waking a little bleary-eyed on the Saturday humming one of her tunes.

#16 was indeed ace and the mulled wine/mince pie half time refreshments were most welcome! Ginny had me up dancing for Spysticks. I definitely don't have the moves to match the bootiful tunes. Incredible location and scenery. The weekend could only have been better if it lasted longer!

See y'all soon and best wishes to all we met. Special thanks to kc and his fellow musicians. Really twas magical.
Saturday afternoon session 16 was ace, with fans from London travelling up to see the show, great to see you again and well done winning the competition.  We had some Kenny virgins (of the music kind) with us who were enthralled. Sunderland swinger Ian Whistler Gilmure was another musical addition to the band.  Paul on the bar lost some brownie points when he started throwing chocolate mints to his wife. Mulled wine and mince pies went down well at the interval.  Roll on number 17.
Hubbub / Withered Hand Christmas Single
« Last post by Cameleon on Sun, Dec 17, 2017, 09:46 AM »
For any of you that don't already have it, Withered Hand's Real Snow single is available again for download from Bandcamp for a limited period only (until Christmas).  It was originally available only with a Fence Christmas card in 2011 so get it while you can.
  :)famous flive alive.....wonderfull night.
13 - unlucky for some, but not for us happy few who got to spend a lovely lovely evening with KC, Mr G & the Desmeister. My Sunderland Swing needs a bit of work mind
Missed the action again and I see the Christmas decorations have stepped up a gear too!
Scarlett's maybe gonna pop in tonight to add some je ne sais quoi to KC's Love Life.

I so want this to be true - we're all rooting for KC!
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