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Day 10 was a real treat. Stand out songs for me were spy stick, not one bit ashamed, such fine deeds and snakes from single socks. The  chat between songs was good. Got my photo taken for the Polaroid collection and bought one of the limited edition double CD albums (it has been put away for Christmas). Finished the day off with a tasty fish supper before the drive home. Cheers KC. Hope the rest of the shows go well.
Saturday was really busy and the Italian abuse was the best yet she got a copy of psalm clerk for it.  The night before it had been a bit rowdy through in the bar, apparently someone was head butted and a lady collapsed in the toilets so Kenny told us, it had been Chazs dads funeral so the wake was happening, I took a night off and missed all the action.  Sunday's set had Captain Geko back who was a bit deaf after his hard rock concert and with Kennys deaf left ear and Des deaf right it was a funny combo. Some lovely wee Chritmas decorations appearing and we had quite a few kids in, one had a pair of headphones on as he was playing a game and shouted out a few times when he needed his dad to do something on his tablet which was quite funny.  Kenny decided not to do the abusive one which for David's boys was a big disappointment as that was their favourite on the CD he had made them listen to previously, so they went through a pad of paper drawing masterpieces instead. Hope they got their chips afterwards!  Not back till next weekend unfortunately hopefully some other hubbers will post updates.
An endless round of balls (parties and social events) / Re: Sat 9th Dec Dreel
« Last post by Lavinia on Mon, Dec 11, 2017, 08:26 AM »
As everything started that wee bit later than expected we caught most of Dans set which was great, the numerous DJ all played fab music indeed, Stephen didn't want to stop he was on a last warning from the hall keepers as they have to respect the laws of the land.  Hopefully the AIA collected quite a bit, they were clearing out the collection box every wee while and Stephen thought at first that folk had not been donating but then they let him in on the secret.  Thanks to all who helped put on another memorable night in the Dreel Halls.



An endless round of balls (parties and social events) / Re: Sat 9th Dec Dreel
« Last post by Cameleon on Sun, Dec 10, 2017, 14:10 PM »
Thank you Stephen for organising such a wonderful evening.  I so wish I could have stayed to the end.  The flesh was weak but the heart was willing and the last bus wouldn't wait.  Unlike you with the resilience of an ox and manning your post at the Bowhouse this morning.  Nice one Big Man!
Was at number 9 today. Top tunes and top banter, thanks Kenny!
Hubbub / Re: albums of the year
« Last post by a.heathen on Sat, Dec 09, 2017, 15:00 PM »
I am already signed up :-)
Psalm Clerk number 8 and yet another wonderful night with KC augmented this time by our very own Murph from The Magic Tones...Des Lawson!  Captain Geeko was granted a night or two off to strut his stuff in Glasgow and swap his Djembe for some headbanging at an Uli Jon Roth gig in Dundee on Saturday.  Des added some beautiful fills which helped transform the night into melodic magic.  Des and his timekeeping was also the subject of the evening's What's the Time contest.  The evenings tirade of German insults was probably the fiercest yet with KC almost unable to get a word in before the next onslaught which earned our volunteer a copy of fnc23 itself.

It was good to see quite a few new faces too so be ready to welcome more new members to the Hub very soon.  Unfortunately there were some noisy punters who obviously weren't there to enjoy the gig but the banter from KC rose above the background as we learned his family Sea Queen history and of his previously unknown skill of knowing how to measure kilts!

Our encore for the evening was an emotional singalong of Wild Mountain Thyme followed by a deeply moving finale of Nothing Compares to U in honour of Chaz's Dad, whose wake was earlier today.  It was his favourite song and there were tears in many an eye.

I'm sure Lavinia would have been able to describe the night better than me but all I can say is that we wish you had all been there with us.

Roll on tomorrow!
Hubbub / Re: albums of the year
« Last post by Cameleon on Sat, Dec 09, 2017, 12:13 PM »
Here is one of my favourite albums of this year.
And it doesn't get released until February.
Magnificent!  And they are playing Bush Hall in March.  You'll have to attend on our behalf.
Hubbub / Re: albums of the year
« Last post by hallav on Sat, Dec 09, 2017, 10:46 AM »
A Crippling Lack Vol.1 - David Thomas Broughton
A Crippling Lack Vol.2 - David Thomas Broughton
A Crippling Lack Vol.3 - David Thomas Broughton

Not necessarily in that order.
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