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Hubbub / Re: albums of the year
« Last post by stephen on Mon, Nov 27, 2017, 19:55 PM »
Faust are warming down for James.
Hubbub / From Scotland With Love
« Last post by gorgieboy on Mon, Nov 27, 2017, 18:09 PM »
Is on the telly tonight BBC4.
Hubbub / Re: albums of the year
« Last post by Die Sehnsucht on Mon, Nov 27, 2017, 17:40 PM »
Faust – Fresh Air

They’re playing at Summerhall on Wednesday : )

With James Yorkston as warm up

Yes, what a wonderful odd combo! Very much looking forward to both acts.
Hubbub / Re: The 6th Rule of Mix Club ...
« Last post by Die Sehnsucht on Mon, Nov 27, 2017, 17:36 PM »
Wow. This is ace! Thank you so much for sharing.
Ladies and gentlemen, I am floating in space ...  And I’m loving this Hub more and more : )
Hubbub / Re: The 6th Rule of Mix Club ...
« Last post by fuctifano on Mon, Nov 27, 2017, 12:26 PM »
Great stuff RaveDamage! I've given this a fair few listens now and it keeps getting better. I'd strongly suggest that others have a listen too. It really is excellent.
I'd like to get back to you later on a couple of points as further listening has brought up some bits and bobs, but in the meantime thanks for an exceptional mix mixed exceptionally well!
Hubbub / Re: The 6th Rule of Mix Club ...
« Last post by ravedamage on Mon, Nov 27, 2017, 00:05 AM »
This mix is recorded as one single track.

There are parts that sound to me like a soundtrack from a sci-fi movie that may never be made but could be. There are other parts I don’t really understand how they fit in the theme that I may just be imagining but what’s space without mystery eh?

I like this idea and wish it had been my intention...the other parts that you don't understand could be (very tenuously) linked into this theme, but that would make my reply around 5000 words. Naebdy wants that.

Times are approx…Destinations are endless...

0 – Fanfare Intro. 70s/80s kids tv intro. Planets. Moomins. Mr Spoon. Buttonmoon kind of vibe. Like watching the tv at your grans house when you were a kid while playing with toy space ships….dreaming of adventures…..stars…galaxies….aliens… chics…..

Oliver Postgate's dulcet tones, from Episode 1 of The Clangers...Vernon Eliot did the sounds.

1.36 Slow spacey build up. Nice. Space chic asks if we are ok. Yeah space chic we are. Ready for the journey. Strapped in….. And blast off!! This is nice. Epic in a not overbearing way. Floating in space vibe, taking in the vastness of the universe. What a way to start! Wow.

This is a Triassic Tusk release...Sometimes by The Sexual Objects, with Boards Of Canada on remix duty. It's a fudgin' beautiful thing.

4.50 This is lovely and gets better with each listen. Simple compared to last track but goes together well. All gentle guitars, soft vocals, brushed drums. Very nice. Dreamy. Is there a line about twilight mushrooms overhead? Is that a space/stars thing? Kinda don’t want to think about it too much – just enjoy the ride. It’s a nice ride.

This is Twilight Mushrooms by Slum, from 1998 (on Warp Records). They only released this 7" under the Slum moniker, then became Parsley Sound (on Mo Wax). The Parsley LP is ace...this track is on it. My initial idea behind the mix was "summer's over"...made a playlist of over 4 hours of tracks and began blending and whittling...your space idea is better.

10.33 Oh it’s gone a bit ominous. Someone playing ping pong in the hall. Some beats make it ok though. And that squelchy bass!! This is great actually. Recognise it a bit. It’s like the French Air guys mixed with River of Found. Space vibe again. Meet the Aliens. Maybe they will be along later?

Brothers In Sound...Journey Song...1998 again. They were on Regal Recordings, like the Beta Band, and only ever made 3 EPs (unlike the Betas). All their EPs are ace. Wonky, woozy member of them features a bit later...older and wiser, though no less woozy.

14.48 Space Jungle? I actually like this more in the bits without the drums. Like the bit in the middle with the robotic intercom voice. ‘Download. Nothing.’ Aye.

I know what ye mean. I had The KLF's 'Kylie Said To Jason' down as a 'sure thing' to be in this mix, but blends and context and blah take precedence that went oot and this came in...Underworld's 'Scribble', a track I only found out existed this summer and grew to love in the blink of an eye. Love the drum and bass parts, but the middle is classic Underworld...ambience/samples...oooft

21.20 This is like a chase scene in the original Terminator video. Actually got that shiver thing where you don’t want to look over your shoulder…. Until…

I had several TV themes in this mix initially, but my all time fave is probably this, hence it being included...and for the daft mix it lets me get away wi' after it...The Equalizer Busy Equalizing, by Stewart Copeland.

22.ish Funky beats. Building up to a …wasn’t expecting that… a jazzy break? No idea where this is going which is great! Ah the bassy build up is back but so is the subtle jazz flute thing. A headfucker this! And now an electro beat bass break kinda thing….hang on is it a new song?.....

A clunky beat mix into this classic by the Beta Band - Sequinsizer. I've got everything by the Betas, though they have done some wrongs, heh. This is classic them though, the B-side from the To You Alone single...very 2000.

25.17 This is mixed really well! Very smooth. Is that the boy Mason? Maybe from that album I was never keen on. The weird purple 80s one? Leckers liked it. It might not even be Steve Mason.

It's still Sequinsizer blissing out many things on the go, what a tune.

27.20 – Spacing out again. Ah this is the one that’s probably my fave on this mix. Just gonna sit and enjoy this for a while. Soak in the stars. That space chic voice and those hypnotic bleeps! Superb. I probably know who this is but I’m not going to guess. We are on auto pilot here. Guide me space chic, you have the controls. Set course for planet Bliss…..

Was never keen on any other FC Kahuna output, but this tune, Hayling, still slays me...such a blissful, downtempo track.

34.26 This sounds like the Mason man again. Which means the other one probably wasn’t. I don’t know this one so it’s always good to hear new mason stuff. Hang on I do know this don’t I ? Anyway it’s a nice continuation of the space theme. The bit with the drums is like the cockpit of the spaceship going through a meteor shower. We are on a space ship eh?

Indeed it is...and that other one was too. He might pop up again y'know...saw his restropective gig at the Barbican in January, what a nicht that was...made me revisit jist about everyhing Masonic. This is 'To You Alone', still a heartbreaker 17 years on..."a black box inside my mind, records the time we spent together"....sigh.

38 ish Oh nice mix again – caught me out there! Electro groove with a seductive vocal. I like this. No idea who it is or how it fits the space theme. Is she an alien seductress trying to trick me into telling her the location of the rebel base? I’d tell her if I knew.

This is from an amazing compilation called Sky Girl, all super-rare cuts of private pressings etc., from a land Down Under. Well worth buying. Another might feature later, who knows? It's Karen Marks with a track called 'Cold Cafe'...the original 7" of which has sold for £230,, eh?

39.57. Sorry I just don’t get on with this kind of thing. Maybe the space seductress has drugged my cold coffee and I’ve woken up in a psych space folk garden party. Where did she go?

This is on another (amazing) comp from the past 12 months...Pete Wiggs & Bob Stanley's 'English Weather'. More rarities/private press (etc) action. This tune is called 'Windfall', by Offspring. They only ever made one 7". There is something about the rise and fall of the chorus and just that indefinable thing I can't quite put into words. It has a lovely sentiment to it, too. I wish I'd written it about someone. Obsessed with it, so I am.

45.07 I think we are back on track here. Quite mysterious though. Did the space monk say help us to live in the bath? It feels like they want me to join them but I don’t trust them. They are hooded and have soulless eyes. Maybe they know where space chic is though? No, don’t trust them…. They are  saying Leicester is not very far. We’ve come all this way to go to Leicester? Sorry space priest I’m outta here…..

I love the drone of this tune....harking back to Brothers In Sound, I only found out that this chap - Ed Dowie - was one of them Brothers this year, after I got his LP 'The Uncle Sold'. 18 years on from Journey Song and he makes a belting LP of which 'Richard' was the standout for me. A tune about the Lionheart king, ffs. Music, eh?

49.58 ‘Where did she go?’ That’s what I’m asking fella. Me and this guy are talking the same language. Which is nice after the weird spooky drug guys. Maybe he can help. He seems ok. He knows people need people. Aye, it’s a big old cold universe.

It's an old, cold world indeed. People need people as Depeche Mode never once sang. Yet anither tune from 1999/2000...this is Day One with I'm Doin' Fine. It was released on Massive Attack's label and sounds, well, a bit Massive in parts. One part Unfinished Sympathy and one part summat else. Still love it...those orchestral such a sucker for that.

55.11 Is this….have they cloned him? Is he also looking for space chic? Actually I’m not sure it is him. I like this though. It is him isn’t it?

Haaaa...yeah, yeah it is...the (cl)one and only. I've been listening to Meet The Humans for far too long. This tune, those deadpan-ish vocals, that melancholic Fife/East Coast hing he has...gotta believe in Steve. The LP isnae perfect but of the five gems, 'Words In My Head' is hard to beat.

59.ish  Strange Fruit cover. Nice. Can’t quite figure out why it’s here though. I’m missing something.

This is off a 7" I picked up in the's Robert Wyatt doing what you said. I bought it for the A-side initially, more of which in a smidge, and this B-side was an exquisite cherry, dipped in gold and sexy concrete, then thrown through the window of a Brexiteer.

62.48 This is nice. Echoey piano and others spacey type effects. The vocals are a bit despondent though. Atmospheric and maybe a little unsettling at times but it’s good all the same. just described Radiohead in a nutshell, for it is they. 'Daydreaming' is the track...been loving it for a long time. That and their (rejected Bond theme) Spectre are two lush, melancholic peas in a pod.

68.23 Hang on is this space chic? Is she singing in some low down space port dive bar? Dreaming of regrets.  I’ll save you……

This is also from the Sky Girl comp mentioned earlier...Joyce Heath and 'I Wouldn't Dream Of It'. Just lovely.

70.40ish … but I can hardly see in front of me. I’ve been blinded by moping foppish space jazz….i was so close to finding space chic and zooming off to the stars with her……

Robert Wyatt again, with a cover of 'At Last I Am Free'. Stunning and wonky.

74.56 …..We are back on earth in granny’s front room listening to the wireless. A medley of old classics I hardly know the names of but all are recognisable. Was it all a dream? Was she real? The spooky space monks and the Steve Mason clones? It sounds like something I’d dream….but it’s nice to be home all the same.

I hoped you would know's 'Scotlandia', by Geraldo and His Orchestra. It was the auld STV ident music they played before telly started in the late 70s/early 80s. Always followed by a chap reciting the various transmitters yer telly was getting the pictures is one such example:

What a journey! Apart from a couple of hairy moments this was an awesome adventure. Really enjoyed it! ;D

Kudos to the director for having the vision to set out on an epic voyage into the mostly unknown.

Please confirm co-ordinates so I can search the stars for space chic – hang on is that what the cd cover is?!!

Thanks Mixer.  8)

Glad ye enjoyed it, Sir...tracklisting is below...anyone fancying a listen, you can download here:


      Vernon Eliot - Intro Music And Dialogue From 'Episode One'
      The Sexual Objects - Sometimes (Boards of Canada Remix)
      Slum - Twilight Mushrooms
      Brothers In Sound - Journey Song
      Underworld - Scribble
      Stewart Copeland - The Equalizer Busy Equalizing
      The Beta Band - Sequinsizer
      FC Kahuna - Hayling
      The Beta Band - To You Alone
      Karen Marks - Cold Cafe
      Offspring - Windfall
      Ed Dowie - Richard
      Day One - I'm Doin' Fine
      Steve Mason - Words In My Head
      Robert Wyatt - Strange Fruit
      Radiohead - Daydreaming
      Joyce Heath - I Wouldn't Dream Of It
      Robert Wyatt - At Last I Am Free
      Geraldo & His Orchestra - Scotlandia
Hubbub / Re: New Hamish Hawk song
« Last post by baldpar on Sun, Nov 26, 2017, 22:08 PM »
My CD arrived on Friday. The songs are fantastic. Looking forward to the new album.
Hubbub / Re: The 6th Rule of Mix Club ...
« Last post by Leckers on Sun, Nov 26, 2017, 19:31 PM »
oh, and got mine on saturday
morning. review to follow....

Cheers Leckers, I suspected it was you that was the mixer.

You are right enough about Pip, I'd have sworn that whoever was signing the blues song had just done 16 hours in the cotton fields. If anyone has a spare of this album I'd be happy to buy it off you.

I saw M. Ward support the White Stripes in Boston in 2005, he was really good, never bought any of his stuff though and never heard of him again until today.

Ha, no worries. Not sure where you
would get copies of een’s albums.
Maybe Kenny could help out? Who
knows with those boys - incredible
music no-one can get their hands
on. It’s just like the good old days.

And yeah I would check out m ward’s
early albums, but steer clear of him
and her.
Hubbub / Re: The 6th Rule of Mix Club ...
« Last post by czefski on Sun, Nov 26, 2017, 19:03 PM »
oh, and got mine on saturday
morning. review to follow....

Cheers Leckers, I suspected it was you that was the mixer.

You are right enough about Pip, I'd have sworn that whoever was signing the blues song had just done 16 hours in the cotton fields. If anyone has a spare of this album I'd be happy to buy it off you.

I saw M. Ward support the White Stripes in Boston in 2005, he was really good, never bought any of his stuff though and never heard of him again until today.

Hubbub / Re: The 6th Rule of Mix Club ...
« Last post by Leckers on Sun, Nov 26, 2017, 18:41 PM »
oh, and got mine on saturday
morning. review to follow....
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