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Hubbub / Re: IVOR CUTLER
« Last post by anewcat on Thu, Nov 23, 2017, 22:40 PM »
Magical old gent if you dont know about him you're missing a treat,died about 11 years ago
Hubbub / Re: The 6th Rule of Mix Club ...
« Last post by ravedamage on Thu, Nov 23, 2017, 22:29 PM »
CD2 contained tracks I knew about 85% of:

01 - A Little Richard/Fats Domino thing, maybe? Nae idea.
02 - Similarly...female soul singer...not a clue.
03 - Bowie "When You're  A boy" (I think)
04 - George Michael - Faith
05 - Donna Summer - I Feel Love
06 - Prince - 1999
07 - Strolling Bones - Start Me Up
08 - Doors - People Are Strange
09 - like Beck if he was active in the 80s...??
10 - Disco  Inferno...The Trammps?
11 - Candi!! Young Hearts Run Free
12 - Grace Jones - My Jamaican Guy
13 - Chic - Le Freak
14 - Mick Jagger's Rotting Corpse vs Memorex - Not Fade Away
15 - Bowie - Golden Beers
16 - Thought it was S- Express but it was Rose Royce's original...."Is It Love You're After"
17 - Ike & Tina - River Deep etc
18 - an 80s hing...? I'm clueless...
19 - Chaka Khan - i'm Every Woman
20 - Prince & Sheena Easton - U Got The Look
21- Strolling Bonerz - Paint It Black

Seems an easy-ish 3.....hence it being the bonus, eh? Nice CD to stick on randomly...

This was meant to be a track by track of my mix, so that, if you so wished, you didn't have to listen to all of the mixed version to hear a specific track. It appears that I inadvertently sent you a copy of the playlist I put together for after my brother-in-law's funeral!! It's some of his favourite toons. Sorry.

Nae bother, I said, it's a nice CD for me to play in the Museum van, as I get ripped endlessly fro my Aphex and whatever else. Nice to play some proper pop (etc) of an occasion!
Hubbub / KC at Sneaky Pete's
« Last post by baldpar on Thu, Nov 23, 2017, 22:16 PM »
I've just found out that KC is playing a gig at Sneaky Pete's on 3/2/18  as part of Independent Music Venue week. If you want to go you had better be quick as according to the Sneaky Pete's Facebook page there are only 20 tickets left.
Hubbub / Re: albums of the year
« Last post by Sunday_Boy on Thu, Nov 23, 2017, 21:16 PM »
I would strongly recommend Songs From The Novel "Greatest Hits" by Kathryn Williams - especially the song Gethsemane - and the accompanying novel would make a nice gift too. Pleasure by Feist - especially A Man Is Not His Song - is also worth a shout. And I am completely under the spell of Not Even Happiness by Julie Byrne, which is mesmerising from start to finish. Having said that, I have listened to Greetings From Hamilton, Canada and Lino more than anything else this year, but I suspect Mrs Stephen may co-own them already.
Hubbub / albums of the year
« Last post by stephen on Thu, Nov 23, 2017, 19:41 PM »
Is there anything good that i've missed that i should be buying Mrs. Stephen for Christmas?
Hubbub / Re: IVOR CUTLER
« Last post by stephen on Thu, Nov 23, 2017, 19:40 PM »
I know nothing at all about Ivor Cutler
Hubbub / Re: The 6th Rule of Mix Club ...
« Last post by stephen on Thu, Nov 23, 2017, 19:39 PM »
I love a garlic chilli chicken.
Hubbub / Re: The 6th Rule of Mix Club ...
« Last post by czefski on Thu, Nov 23, 2017, 13:20 PM »
My mix arrived in a brown envelope, no markings, plastic cover.

Track 1 - Farmyard animal noises, moo, baa, tweet etc. 30 seconds of this and I'm about to hit skip when a drum beat kicks in, then a sax, possibly clarinet, still with the farmyard noises. Onto track 2.
Track 2 - Sparklehorse  Hammering the Cramps, track one now a distant memory. Great stuff
Track 3 - Blues number, contemporary I think, probably English, not Mississippi. Nice when the piano joins in. Depressing mind, I guess that's why they call it the blues.
Track 4 - Another slow number, hazy, echoey vocal, psychedelic feel to it, building to a crescendo, not bad.
Track 5 - Sounds like one of the US shoegazer bands, Pavement? Grandaddy? If it were on my turntable I'd be checking to see if there was fluff on the needle as it is a bit muffled. Decent song through, I like this genre in small doses.
Track 6 - Down tempo again, not really grabbing me, altogether a bit bland really.
Track 7 - This is the theme tune to the 70's BBCC Documentary series Arena, the one where the bottle with the title of the show washes ashore. Lovely piano piece, I put a couple of similar tracks on my mix.
Track 8 - Sounds like Lone Pigeon talking over a backing track and film sample about the writing process. I like this kind of track, Aiden Moffat and Van Morrison are both great proponents of it
Track 9 - Sitar instrumental, makes me yearn for a garlic chilli chicken.
Track 10 - Ally's Tartan Army at the wrong speed, then speeded and slowed down again. Not the worst thing I've ever heard but a strong contender for the top 2. Whoever thought what the world needed was an Andy Cameron song at varying speeds?
Track 11 - This is more like it, sounds like one of Pearl Jam's more tuneful effort,s but it's not Eddie Vedder. Nice piece of Americana, the horrors of track 10 gone but not totally forgotten
Track 12 - Sounds like Charles Latham, I like this a lot, as RaveDamage pointed out, I'm a big fan of singer-songwriters
Track 13 - Vocal low in the mix, this sounded like it would be a slow builder but ended up meandering along at the same pace. OK but I was expecting a bit more.
Track 14 - Another slow burner, tortured female vocal a la Kathryn Joseph, but without the Eartha Kitt/Kate Bush impersonation. I like this too, will definitely listen again. We had an interesting experience with Kat Jospeh at a Roddy Woomble gig recently, I'll tell you about it sometime.
Track 15 -  This is a familiar instumental, can't palce it though, nice track
Track 16 - Another blues track, this sounds more like an original Delta blues track, possibly Son House, right up my street
Track 17 - A very echoey version of Ae Fond Kiss, male vocal, electric guitar, sounds like it was recorded in a public toilet. I'm not a big fan of the song but as versions go this is ok.
Track 18 - A gospel feel to this one, shades of Jack White in the vocal. One of my favourites thus far.
Track 19 - I know this one, a rarity on this mix. It's Rob St. John, I think it's off Weald, reminds me that I haven't listened to that album recently. I heard Rob had Weil's disease, I hope he's feeling better.
Track 20 - Just when you thought you were safe, another version of Ally's Tartan Army turns up. Whilst being significantly better than the original and immeasurably better than track 10, it is still let down by the quality of the source material.

A mix I enjoyed, without there being one track that I would say was a real killer. Great to get a mix where I knew so few of the tracks and there are definitely a few that I will check out when I see the reveal. The Ally's Tartan Army tacks, notsomuch.

Cheers mixer.

Hubbub / Re: The 6th Rule of Mix Club ...
« Last post by Cameleon on Wed, Nov 22, 2017, 19:34 PM »
Top Sleeve!
Hubbub / Re: The 6th Rule of Mix Club ...
« Last post by kwaing on Wed, Nov 22, 2017, 18:45 PM »
A blonde Brian May, me, Paul Merton and some random that was in the East Neuk the night of the Americano.
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