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Re: fence hallowe'en weekender
« Reply #120 on: Tue, Nov 10, 2015, 22:31 PM » Halloween ever?

Now, I don't say that lightly, cause I've had some bloody good times at Fence Halloweens over the years.  But I've been thinking about this all week, and I think it might have been.

Friday night, upstairs in the Dreel Halls.  I bloody love that room anyway, but it always tends to bring out nights like this.  As soon as the duck was put on the table I knew I was in for a rare treat, but amazingly a live version of Just After 11 She Left, with the duck percussion, wasn't even the highlight.  And that's one of my very favourite songs.  A full rendition of Smavulgar?  Jeezo.  But no, all this was to be topped by the Scottish Night.  Everything I love about Fence.  I'm still laughing at this nonsense.  Wazza, MC Babyman, Coinneach MacAndrais, and of course Wullie the dog, put on a splendid evening of Scottish themed entertainment.  MC Babyman, back from the world of rap, and I've never considered the life of the turnip inspector before, what an interesting interview.  And lovely to hear that old Scots folk tune as well.

Then DMELLTPO II.  Pip Dylan live is always a rare treat, he was sounding fantastic.  That was a nice surprise.  And 'THAT' UNPOC album.  I thought it was a joke when KC said it, but bloody hell it wasn't.  And it's fantastic as well.  Plus some new KC (including a new version of Pie in the Sky, my favourite from Smavulgar), and a sample of the new Hamish Hawk EP (which is great, sounding brilliant with the band).  Plus some of the Queens of Brush County as well, Jo Foster sounding amazing as usual.

Then the 'real' Halloween party.  Now any night featuring Found and Gummi Bako is going to be pretty high up in my good nights list, but a Found album launch on top with everyone in drag?  Hilarious.  Both bands as brilliant as ever, only slightly tempered with the fear of breaking my ankles.  ;)  And Scottina finally getting an airing, over 15 years since she was named.  Absolutely brilliant night again.  I've had Barbara Ann in my head all week.

Then Sunday, and I'd forgotten how funny Young Frankenstein was.  The some great footage from before my time in Fence, really good to see.  Especially the HMS Ginafore stuff.  Then the evening in the East Neuk Hotel, looking absolutely great now.  A proper KC greatest hits singalong, what a great way to end a weekend.  And the Geeko drum fireworks?  Spectacular.

Best Halloween ever?  Aye.

sounds like a magic
weekend - gutted to
have missed oot. lack
of finances due to new
car was the problemo.

Was  wondering why you didnt show up! Am now in the same boat - car trouble forcing replacement car purchase...good job it happened after Neepso...


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Re: fence hallowe'en weekender
« Reply #121 on: Wed, Nov 11, 2015, 00:29 AM »
I once overheard a certain song writing relation of mine on the phone to the tax office in Dundee, telling them that the reason he hadn't paid his tax bill in over 3 years was because he needed every spare penny to buy a yellow Vauxhall sports car, but once he had the car he'd drive straight over with the cash.

He bought the sports car alright, but didn't go anywhere near Dundee in it  ;D


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Re: fence hallowe'en weekender
« Reply #122 on: Fri, Nov 27, 2015, 09:50 AM »
Maybe not Dundee, but he certainly got more than a sniff of Broughty Ferry if you know what I mean  ;)