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Rich Young: Albums
« on: Thu, Dec 10, 2015, 16:21 PM »
Hurrah... I now have copies of my two latest beat records to sell (unfortunately not on vinyl) in CD form:

Artist: Rich Young
Title: Cloverland

'Cloverland' features 12 original songs & has certain people you may be familiar with... Geeko is omnipresent... with his production & recording skills as well as his fine groove drenched percussion and drums... KC sings a song & plays his accordion.


  • empty
  • always trouble
  • cloverland
  • a drunken poet
  • noah's flood
  • rock
  • village idiot
  • slow fall from grace
  • old red sky
  • confidence man
  • as we sleep
  • charles atlas (a lesson learned)

Artist: Rich Young
Title: The Innocent

'The Innocent' is a collection of 10 more original tunes and a cover of Robert Zimmerman's Highway 61 Revisited... material I've recorded over the past 3 or 4 years...

They're both jolly good... they're both for sale @ 10 each or 18 for the two... they could make your Christmas & New Year, there are no Iron Maiden songs, references or overtones on either of them... (this, of course, may disappoint some people... but you can 'Run To The Hills'!!)

You can contact me via AETC or through
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