Author Topic: Triassic Tusk label launch on the 4th of June at the Dreel Halls in Anstruther  (Read 10830 times)


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Sorry we missed this - family bereavement.
Hopefully there will be another one soon.

Bongo Mango

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This was the best fun I've had in ages.

Everyone was brilliant but Dan in particular raised a fair few wows from our side of the room.  Best I've seen him perform although I'm optimistic that Withered Hand + Hot Shorts in Manchester might be a different show entirely  :o

Considering the number of Fence type events I've been to over the years I've somehow always managed to miss Jo Foster and River of Slime.  So glad I caught both and equally blown away.

Fabulous tunes and much dancing.  Pretty bloody perfect. 

Nice work Stephen and all concerned.   

Looking forward to the next one.