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Modern Studies  ::  Swell to Great  ::  Song, by Toad Records - SbTR-A-052

Debut arts-und-crafts-werk album from lovely folk Emily Scott, Rob St. John, Joe Smillie and Pete Harvey.

Order LP or CD here:

Edinburgh launch gig on Saturday 10th September:

“There is a calmness in its melancholy, a beauty in its blues. These are songs that see the mystical beyond the material, abstracted folk ballads awash in memory” - **** MOJO

"fuses the nostalgia of classic folk with sweet and sunny pop melodies all imbued with a sense of narrative and history" - Wake the Deaf

"so elegant I feel I should be better dressed in its presence" - Scots Whay Hae

"the quartet present a rich tapestry of antiquated craft across their beautiful new album" - Gold Flake Paint

"It's great" kc

Just finished my first listen, lovely stuff, as you'd expect from such a talented cast.

I should pay more attention to the forum.

I had to have a person IN THE REAL WORLD tell me about this last evening.

I believe (hope) they are supporting KC when he plays Birmingham Town Hall next year.


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