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Richt, the weather's pish so i settled down this morning to give this a go. My mixer outed themselves on the other thread as i got 3 CD's in the post. Given the gargantuan 30 tracks i've reviewed it all as i go in one sitting. So basically don't trust me when i say a track is great/crap/ok is what i'm saying.

Nice artwork byraway

CD1: It's Lit - Beats

Lolloping Massive Attack style beat with synths think itís African maybe off one of those Nigerian compilations. Like it donít love it.

Female African groove with nice backing vocals and a bouncing baseline. No idea what it is. Nice though.

This is one is quite Young Fathers esq but itís not them. Itís a female I think but itís not Law Holt either. Thereís something slightly cheesy about some of the melody and Lyrics. Like itís their first go at making a Massive Attack track. Itís still the best one so far.

Electro-Shoegazy track. I know the voice Iím sure of it. Itís not Charlotte Hatherley who was in Ash is it? I had her first solo album years ago, mainly cos I fancied her Iím sure sheíd be thrilled to know. Iím convinced itís her now. It probably isnít as it seems so obscure. Itís quite good.

Rihanna - Rude Boy. I never thought Iíd get this on a Mix!! I donít mind it to be fair.

Christ, this is this that poppy one that goes ďI donít care, I love itĒ canít remember who it is but Iíve heard it. One of the drawbacks of having a 9 year old is that despite him listening to some great music he also wants to listen to Capital FM regularly. Itís shite.

Prince - hands up, I donít know much of his stuff. I know some of his hits due to my Maw Ďní Paw having a greatest hits tape way back when. I like him though just never really dug any deeper. Donít know this one but I like it.

This sounds quite LCD Soundsystem musically by way of Hey Macarena. With spoken word type vocals over the top. Iím not sure what to make of it. Itís ok

I think this is my new favourite. Thereís a Prince-esque feel to it but with 80ís hip hop beats and vocodered mass vocals and a Hair Metal outro. Itís a bit bonkers and brilliant for it.

Female vocal I think Iíve heard before. Itís set over some quite theatrical, over the top synths and drums. It puts me in mind of Wild Beasts or the little Iíve heard of Alt-J. Yeah, itís not bad.

CD2: Yeah - Guitars (Mostly)

80ís style keys rather than guitars I think. Kind of passed me by this one.

Another 80ís style male vocal number I actually really like it. Itís probably called Ship of Fools and I should probably know it but Iím showing my age here. Itís good though despite the 80ís production.

Noel Gallagherís High Flying Birds - The Mexican. As a spotty teen Oasis were ĎMy Bandí at least until Kid ĎAí came out and blew me off course forever. Because of that teenage dedication I always keep an ear out and hear all the stuff they do. Thereís something decent on all the stuff heís done Heathen Chemistry apart. His new albums pretty good generally. This ones ok.

Graham Coxon - I forget the name of this one but itís from one the first two albums he released after leaving Blur and kind of upped his game in terms of making it sound a bit glossier. Sounds quite like Blur in places quelle suprise.

Suede - It Starts and Ends With You.
I often think a lot of Suede sounds exactly the same. Animal Nitrate is still a blinding song though. This is decent, itís from their more recent output and was a single I think as Iíve definitely heard it before.

NYC Indie Punk Disco type song with shouty female vocals like Yeah Yeah Yeahs but itís not them. Itís decent.

PJ Harvey - This Is Love
From just before she went up her own arse a bit. I bought this as Thom Yorke is on the album and subsequently bought more of her stuff. Let England Shake was great and the last one has its moments but feels like sheíd maybe just stretched the preaching an album too far. Round about White Chalk I couldnít tolerate her despite enjoying a couple of songs. I think it was the Victorian get up she was in and the interviews. She just annoyed me, no idea why. She was on the same Episode of Later With Jools Holland as KC in that White Chalk era and i keep waiting to hear a KC anecdote saying she was an insufferable arsehole so i can say "i KNEW it!!" but he never has. She's probably lovely. Yeah this is good. Really like the album itís from.

American male vocals with nice falsetto backing vocals running through it. Itís got an Americana twang to it. I fucking hate that term despite liking a lot of the music once upon a time. No idea who it is.

The opening bar had me thinking it was Talking Heads but this is BjŲrk but Iím guessing itís the Sugarcubes? I have a weird relationship with BjŲrk. Iíd easily put Homogenic in my top 10 albums ever. I like lots of her other stuff but itís sometimes a slog to get through an album in a sitting. It starts to grate. Same with her new album, Iím trying though. Would love to see her live mind you. This is quite weird but interesting hearing her in this more straightforward context.

Is this The Vaccines? I hate them. Why? Because the singers called Van McCann. Thatís why. No thatís wrong, heís in Catfish & The Bottlemen. I hate Van McCann because heís in a band called Catfish & The Bottlemen and I hate the Vaccines because I confuse them with Van McCannís band. Who I hate. Despite never hearing a note.
Itís a toe tapper I suppose.

CD 3: Shh - Lights Out

Starts off like something from Stranger Things soundtrack. Then thereís some heavily vocodered vocals in the verses and Iím thinking Black Moth Super Rainbow but thereís a quite clear 80ís style female sung chorus that kind of ruins it. Dunno who it is. Good rather than great.

Cigarettes After Sex? The band, not an offer. That would be dangerous. Iíve got the album after liking a song the radio wireless. Itís all a bit samey but nice. Equally this could be Beach House they released something this year I think. Either way. Itís nice, definitely embodies the theme of ďlights outĒ

This could be Beach House actually? I think the last thing they released was like a b-sides/rarities album. This sounds like a cover of something I should know. Itís really rather lovely. Iím convinced itís a cover now. Was this on the other CD?

Lorde? She seems pretty good. I like her album but donít know it in and out. The single Green Light is fucking mega. It was the performance on Jools Holland that got me.

Female vocal cover of Hey Joe. No idea who itís by but I quite like it. Donít get me wrong I donít like it enough to actively seek it how but itís nice.

Venus In Furs - The Velvet Underground
Thereís days I think The VU are the greatest band ever. There are other days when they are only in the top 5. Enough said.

Cover of Sweet Jane, female vocal. I think Mazzy Star did a cover but I donít think itís them. Not doing much for me.

Country tinged song with strings and growly vocals. Production too clean. Itís ok but itís mainstream radio production annoys me. I think I know the singer but am wondering if this is a cover.

R.E.M. - Nightswimming. Funnily enough I watched a programme about them on Saturday night. I kind of always forget about them but theyíve got some brilliant songs. I went to see them on the Around The Sun tour in Belfast or Dublin cos my ex really liked them. The show blew me away actually. I even like a couple of songs on that album. It was Dublin because I got delayed at work and missed the flight and had to re-book on a night time flight. I remember seeing someone getting thrown through a window of a fast food place on that street with the big spire thing.

Not sure about this one. Again feel like I know his voice but itís quite gentle. Acoustic guitar and piano type affair. Not crap just not doing much for me.


Reading that back it reads like i'm not arsed about any of it which isn't strictly true. I didn't hate anything apart from that Capital FM one from the first CD. On the whole most of it was pleasant but the disclaimer is that it was a first time listen and will change as i listen more.

Number 9 0n CD 1 and 2 on CD 2 are my current favourites. Its been a nice way to pass a shitty morning and oh shite its ten past one and i've done none of the stuff i was meant to do today and the school bell will be going soon. Looking forward to the reveal.