Author Topic: king creosote and psalm clerk's 23 lives  (Read 10421 times)


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Re: king creosote and psalm clerk's 23 lives
« Reply #60 on: Sun, Dec 24, 2017, 10:32 AM »
On a plane. Post 23 blues have kicked in. Massive thanks to KC & the Rave Camel Christmas Baffie Band. So many highlights - the count up, Santaís hardcore huskies, Ian the whistleblower, the Famous Flive, Sunderland Swingers... what an amazing achievement. Hot toddy & feet up now Kenny. Happy Christmas everyone! X


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Re: king creosote and psalm clerk's 23 lives
« Reply #61 on: Sun, Dec 24, 2017, 15:48 PM »
What a month itís been and the finally was exceptional.  We were treated to a great afternoon of fun and frolics in the hot and sweaty East Neuk Hotel.  KC had asked some of the regular attendees to a dinner afterwards with Christmas carol singers. We even had a special cake for the occasion. Whisky Stephen played some of his fancy music, then we were treated to another set from the band didnít expect that but we were all up dancing around to it, indeed I think I have damaged ligaments but it was worth it.  Great big thanks to the band for the music, Paul and the ENH staff for looking after us so well but most of all Kenny for pulling it all together itís been superb. X


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Re: king creosote and psalm clerk's 23 lives
« Reply #62 on: Sun, Dec 24, 2017, 19:14 PM »
Absolutely....As usual Lavinia you have voiced the feelings of us all.  And Czefski's words of thanks on our behalf last night too.  I'm sorry I missed the final finale but to spend the day in such wonderful company at one of the finest gigs I have ever attended is a moment in time I will always treasure.  Throughout the year we have been treated to updates on so many wonderful albums and covers culminating in 23 variations of Psalm Clerk with every variation as fresh as the first and growing each day.  Kenny said that when it came to choosing the finest musicians to perform for us it just couldn't get better than the treat we had on this final night....So, for me,  Best KC gig of the year?  Well, it had to be number 23!  Thanks KC and thanks to all my wonderful Hub friends.  For those of you fortunate enough to share the night and to all of you out there in the AETC who were at the gig in thought and spirit.  Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!


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Re: king creosote and psalm clerk's 23 lives
« Reply #63 on: Tue, Dec 26, 2017, 00:12 AM »
I would like to say a big thank you to Kenny and the band for 2 totally different and magnificent experiences.

Went to gig 13 on my own and got in with Iain and Marion for a good laugh and an intimate gig, thus the famous flive tag. Also won guess the time prize and bought psalm clerk album which has been on constantly in car since. Also got planet eggz and radge weekend which are cool low fi albums and brilliant in the collection.

Brought missus and kids along to gig 17 when band had expanded to 5. Kenny took time to talk to my boys and played largs for my eldest. The set was brilliant and the family loved it. Tis what December and Christmas is all about.

Made to feel very welcome by the staff of enh, Kenny and the boys and also the other KC fans (clearly very loyal and pretty hardcore).

I will be at many KC gigs in the years to come and will hopefully continue with and make some new friendships.

Hope everyone has had a great christmas.




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Re: king creosote and psalm clerk's 23 lives
« Reply #64 on: Tue, Dec 26, 2017, 21:08 PM »
Hello all. Congratulations to KC for pulling this off.

I managed up to 2nd (counting up to Xmas light switch on), 4th (where's the budgie?), and 10th (my wee boy causing chaos with his headphones, sorry!).

I'd have loved to have made it up to another show or two, but this month has also taken me to Mogwai, Malcolm Middleton and Withered Hand.

A month of so much good music, so much fun.

Thanks again to KC, and I'll see you somewhere in 2018!


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Re: king creosote and psalm clerk's 23 lives
« Reply #65 on: Thu, May 03, 2018, 14:15 PM »
My daughter is very keen on drama and in March I took her to audition for a film. It was not a glamorous experience. The office in Clerkenwell was a bit of a building site and we had to climb the narrow stairs to the top floor in pitch darkness. Once safely inside, there was a lot of waiting around and, eventually, the casting agent appeared, sporting a shiny tracksuit. He spent ten minutes with my daughter, who was given a couple of attempts at the scene she had been asked to learn. She felt it went well but was a bit underwhelmed, and said it was not what she was expecting. She was told to chase them if we hadnít heard anything after two or three weeks. We haven't, so she has done, but still hasnít heard back.

Anyway, after reading that the director had caused some controversy by saying that his native country was a racist place, my daughter did some googling to see where the film was up to, and was rather surprised to discover one of the names now attached to it:

In the (admittedly rather unlikely) event that the stars align, I would naturally give my seat at the premiere to KC...