Author Topic: The Mixtie-Maxtie Club Revue  (Read 1222 times)


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Re: The Mixtie-Maxtie Club Revue
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So I got one and then my CD player broke.
Here goes.

Appears to be themed as demos, and i recognise a lot of acoustic americana. Which is nice.

Track 01   3:40   uknow   Fence mixclub MMXIX   
That laconic, muttering drawl of a Callahan or a Hinson. Or both. Move on
The problem with having a huge collection of music in all sorts of formats is that I probably have this, listened when it was young and now it's buried. Project for this year is sort music into KEEP/SELL/GIVE piles and hope the first one is smallest.
I like this mix, and this is a good opener.
Track 02   2:59   uknow   Fence mixclub MMXIX
Again, familiar male voice, but I cannot guess who. I like that line "feels like metaphorical karaoke".
Probably should know. This one is a bit more polished, reminds me of Every Breath You Take in the instrumental breaks.
Track 03   3:52   uknow   Fence mixclub MMXIX   
Banjo intro. female vocal harmonies. Really nice.
Reminiscent of The Roches, The Be Good Tanyas or I'm With Her, but it's not them.
Track 04   4:30   uknow   Fence mixclub MMXIX      
Again, the harmonies at into, but this one is more doowop than doom country.
The lead vocal almost like one of those rock chicks that they have in america, but proving her voice on a song that opens like Oh Donna by Richie Valens.

Track 05   5:52   uknow   Fence mixclub MMXIX   
Oh I know this guy. And this means I get to mention him in consecutive Hubposts.
Withered Hand fits in among yon americana like a very snug glove. LOLOL.
Also appropriate as I have started watching American Gods S2
Track 06   2:07   uknow   Fence mixclub MMXIX      
"There's no need to go out dancing sometimes"
I had a lot of Brit indie acoustica back in the Eighties, and this is quite likable in that vein.

Track 07   3:38   uknow   Fence mixclub MMXIX   
Either this is an old standard or a much covered slice of americana pie. I certainly know of three or four people who've done it. This is the closest to a folk singalong version. So might be the original. But most of the songs so far sound new, so probably just someone being eternally grateful to their past influences.
Track 08   3:36   uknow   Fence mixclub MMXIX      
Stripped down again, Feisty strumming almost redolent of that trite ukulele phase we had to tolerate.
This is like First Aid Kit without so many sisters singing.
"explode from your windows expand from this town" right on.

Track 09   3:48   uknow   Fence mixclub MMXIX      
JUDAS not Priest, but cursed electrickery on this song.
Only joking, it's not Dylan. Very nice poppy stylings.
Blowing bubbles under water in the bath :-)
Male vocal travelling band style. Old school anti-folk I reckon.

Track 10   4:24   uknow   Fence mixclub MMXIX      
Live session, The Kiss, Judee Sill. That's right, i cheated. You made me go and out and find some more of her music.
Nothing beats that first time you hear a song at a gig, but on the mix will do as a surrogate.

Track 11   2:54   uknow   Fence mixclub MMXIX      
Oh. This is different. Feels like Daisy Age style hippity hop, but really that older sound they tapped into.
Waiting for a better day indeed.

Track 12   4:55   uknow   Fence mixclub MMXIX      
Another trippy hoppy sound. This time with people doing that talking thing that the young folks like. It's the modern folk sound !
Interesting transition at the end here, from all that acoustica to the smooth sounding vibes.

There's not a duff track on here, and several I will want to hear more from.
As well as those I will kick myself for not knowing.


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Re: The Mixtie-Maxtie Club Revue
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PS Thanks anonymous mixer.
Perhaps I will great you at Easter and thank you in kind.