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Just witnessed one of the most outstanding, dramatic and emotional concerts for a long time at Perth Theatre. This lady was on top form and deserved the ovation from the small crowd of lucky bastards that we were.

If you get a chance to see her, then its worth every penny

I've only recently discovered her music . Where have I been?

It's pretty phenomenal stuff - lucky you indeed!

Epic, off to see her tomorrow in Lahndan.  Sounds like it should be good!

Yep, saw her last Friday and she was excellent as usual. Not too sure about the slightly wanky mirrors stage set and the rope armour (or whatever she was wearing) though. And a tad disappointed about Marcus Mackay's absence. Having said that, top performance, I loved it.

If you enjoy KJ's music, do check out her collaborative project the Out Lines. Conflats is a raw, goose-bumpy beauty, and absolutely phenomenal live!

My painted on ears do not get the KJ phenomenon, her voice is like nails on a blackboard to me. When she was Kathryn Sawers she seemed to be the support act to every gig we went to in Aberdeen, to little acclaim, so I was surprised to discover the SAY nominated/winner KJ was the same person.

We saw her support Roddy Woomble at the MakIntosh Church last year, her and her mate then sat behind us and talked through Roddy’s first 3 songs. When Mrs. Czefski politely asked them to be quiet they took the hump. A friend told me she behaved in similar fashion at the Modetn Studies gig at the Glad Cafe, I hope she’s not there for their gig in November.


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