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Re: 93:16
« Reply #15 on: Thu, Jan 31, 2019, 20:36 PM »
There are 16 (monetary) bids in, and they fall into 3 distinct ranges. Rather than disappoint 6 of those that entered a bid, iíve decided to accept all bids. Hereís how:-

6 of those 93:16s that were on view at lino/KY10 will stay exactly as they are - letís call this the gold edition - and these will go to the 6 (relatively) low bidders.

4 of those original 93:16s have simply had an extra disc added - letís call this the gold plus edition - and these will go to the 4 who bid high, just not to giddy heights.

For the 6 top bidders iíve fashioned a 3 disc set, decorated using similar artwork to the originals - letís call this the platinum edition.

Now, no bid is binding, and if for whatever reason youíd like to retract your bid then please just let me know, no harm done. Iíll be in touch with each of you in the new year anyway.

Thank you all very much indeed!

Well I put in a bid - granted it was a bartering bid - did that not count?  Really thought you would have been impressed with my creative thinking!


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Re: 93:16
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Were there any non takers that could be re-bid for?

Any form of precious metal would do.