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Re: An Tobar
« Reply #45 on: Sun, Jan 31, 2021, 15:21 PM »
Itís a pity you didnít buy the pass as we have an extra week to view them. That Kate Bush cover was great as was the Field Queen cover.   Did you see Ricky Ross and Rachel Seramanni on Burns Night in the caves in Edinburgh they were great as a duo on @BurnsandBeyond which was a free show online? Worth a watch if you can still access it.

Daydream Daisy

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Re: An Tobar
« Reply #46 on: Wed, Feb 03, 2021, 00:45 AM »
Hi Lavinia
I thought  Simon Neil's cover of Kate Bush's Running up that Hill was stunning and Field Music were an excellent choice for vocal duties with Roddy's top notch band.   Not sure we can make the Transantlic Sessions gig.  Anything else you can sugest before it closes?

I agree - Roaming Roots was one of my favourite nights! I really enjoyed Rachel Sermanni (+ her extra set with Lau). The last gig I went to before lockdown was a Rachel Sermanni one and I remember the entire room singing along to Lay my Heart at the end. It was an amazing night. Thanks for mentioning about the Burns night set Lavinia. I've found it here and looking forward to watching it: Kris Drever was brilliant on Sunday night and Dean Owens was pretty good too, so I'd recommend this one - it should still be available for a week. The Staves also aired on the BBC and you can still watch it for free on here:

Other highlights for me were An Tobar, Admiral Fallow, Jose Gonzales, Secret Sisters, Chris Stout & Catriona Mackay (and the video was stunning too - the music and visuals complemented each other so well). Katherine Priddy, Zoe Bestel & Beth Malcolm were all new to me and I really enjoyed their sets despite being so short. It's been a great couple of weeks. By the way, sorry I've not been in touch for such a long time Meic. I do have a recent recording to send to you though. Bear with me - I'm juggling work and homeschooling at the moment so it might be the weekend!


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Re: An Tobar
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Thanks Andi
I'm looking forward to getting that recording.

Glad you enjoyed the gigs.

Very impressive camera work and sound.
Not the same as a proper gig but for a while inside was the new outside.