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Jo Shornikov
« on: Sun, Jan 26, 2014, 21:04 PM »
Could anyone here give me her email address?
She was playing keyboard at the Phosphorescent show.
Last time I saw her was on Eigg.

I went up before the show - she screamed when she saw me - laughed and asked What are YOU doing Here? It's a long way from Eigg!
She was thrilled to have a fan she recognized and seemed quite excited.
Mrs E and her really hit it off that weekend.

Anyway - she asked if I was hanging out after the show,
And said she had some music she would send me.

So of course, the pal I went with wouldn't wait long enough and I missed her.

Now I want to write and apologize
She wanted to chat about Eigg with me and Matthew Houck

I was really bummed to miss them.