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Title: Sure & Steadfast
Released: 2013
Cat: BOER 002

A benefit CD for the Scottish Fisheries Museum Boats Club in Anstruther.


* Cicero had an anchor tattoo
* Bodes unwell
* Third party
* An ode to falling overboard
* salt eyed at the bathing pool
* Ounces
* The grime reaper
* Easojuly
* Proverbial pine
* Carry on dancing
* Precious Lord / We have an anchor
Donations of 15 or more (plus 1.50 p&p) to the SFM boat club made through us will get you a copy. UK buyers please send a cheque for 16.50 made out to 'Scottish Fisheries Museum Boat Club' to Sean Dooley, 65 James St, Cellardkye, Fife, KY10 3AZ and include a note of your address. EU and international buyers please email for more details.

this is a must-buy for any kc fan.
cicero, falling overboard, bathing
pool, proverbial pine and carry on
dancing are all quite superb. and
of course we have two hmsg tracks
to swoon over as well. what's not
to like. get donating people.

Sure is a Steadfast classic, Mr Leckers.


This is fast becoming one of my favourite kc releases. Great vibe man.   8)

thank you leckers, thank you jah - the boats club are delighted with our contributions thus far, but there are oodles of copies left, so any and all kind words are hugely appreciated!  8)


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