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I am surprisingly snowed under after that blizzard of orders last week - thank you!

I've posted out all of the SDO titles ordered through the Trading Post, I should get the PO box cheque/postal order lot packaged up and in the mail before Thursday (apart from a few vinyls that'll be despatched the week starting Dec 14th). Hope that's all okay.

LPs eh? They're becoming obsolete, apparently  ;)

Once again, thank you all very much indeed.

Mr Onion:
Hi Kenny

Tis me again. Is there any chance of getting another "3 On This Island" sent out now? If it makes things easier I could transfer money straight into your bank account (thus saving post time) Having heard it a friend wants one too, so I am hoping to get him one for Christmas.

If I am too late, then I am too late and fully understand.

Am I too late?


--- Quote from: Louise on Sat, Nov 28, 2015, 07:58 AM ---Am I too late?

--- End quote ---

 :o Only way to be sure is to do a test.

are all the CDs that you had to put your name down for gone/been up/going up? 


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