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Hullo peeps,

I hope everyone is keeping well, keeping heads above water, managing. Missing y'all.

Gogs Maclean at An Tobar was fool enough to commission me to write a piece for strings during the lockdown last year. It's the first thing I've written from scratch in about 20 years, and over several months of panic and self doubt, I managed to find the raw materials deep within to put something together.

I am by no stretch of the imagination a groundbreaking composer - I'm more comfortable finding a good riff than striding confidently into the void of contemporary musical thought - but I have written something that I am pretty proud of.

It's scored for a string quartet with 2 violas like on the FSWL soundtrack (rather than 2 violins), plus an additional shielding violin in one movement.

Much viola. Lovely lovely.

The live premiererere at An Tobar will be screened on Thursday (4th February) at 8pm via platforms listed on the page below. It features me playing like a donkey, but if you can ignore that it also has some beautiful playing from Mary Keating on violin, Liam Lynch and Feargus Hetherington on viola and Kate Miguda on the shielding violin playing in her flat in Edinburgh.

Stay safe,



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Re: Pumpkinseeeeeeeeeeds
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Looking forward to it Pete.


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Re: Pumpkinseeeeeeeeeeds
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So, so good. Brava, Mr Harvey, brava indeed  ;D  ;D